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The semi mutated Genome was lying on the living room floor of the safe house. He laid on there on top of a wooden table, blood was leaking from three bullet wounds in his chest. The girl who shot him stood up from a corner and walked over to him.

"Is he dead?" Another girl asked. The Genome slowly opened his eyes as he gazed upon standing next to him. She was a very cute girl with silver hair and steel blue eyes. She was wearing a blood stained white tank top that tightly squeezed her torso, showing the shape of her breasts.

"No, he's not." She said as a tear rolled down her eye. The Genome opened his mouth to speak. He said in a weak voice.

"Please, Kikyo. Kill me." The girl known as Kikyo flinched when he said this. She hesitated for a minute then slowly raised the gun. It was a black K5 handgun with chrome screws and pull trigger. On the left side of slide her name was carved into it.

"Thank you Kikyo. Take good care of Mia for me." The Genome closed his eyes. Kikyo nodded.

"I Promise I will."She sniffed."We are going to miss you."

"I'm sorry it has to end this way." There was a brief moment of silence before Kikyo pulled the trigger. There was a loud crack as the bullet left the gun. It entered the Genome's head and blood splattered on Kikyo's dark blue jeans. Mai began to cry in the corner, wrapping herself in a ball.

"I'm sorry Mia." Mia looked up and crawled over to the body. Kikyo walked away as Mia stared at the body. Mia was dressed in a black t-shirt and black jeans. Her hair was silver and her eyes was originally green but she wore white contacts.

"I will miss you brother." Kikyo came back with a medical kit and a M16 assault rifle.

"Common Mia let's get you patched up." Mia had a big gashed on her right arm and was trickling blood. Kikyo poured alcohol on the wound. Mia squealed as the pain went in.

"Okay I'm going to stitch it up now." It took Kikyo about 15 minutes to stitch up the gash. Mia took the bandages and wrapped her wound up.  Kikyo packed a duffle bag of supplies, when she walked into the living room as Mia finished bandaging her arm.

"Alright Kikyo I'm ready." Mia stood up picking up the M16.

"Good we've already wasted too much time." Kikyo walked to the door carrying the bag. She opened the door and looked around. When she saw the coast was clear they went to Kikyo's car. She drove a grey 1995 Honda Accord, blood stain splatters over the paint indicated it has run over a few Genomes. Kikyo got in on the right and Mia on the left.

"Where should we go?" Mia asked as Kikyo started the engine.

"Well my parents are still in Kyoto, we can stay with them if they have a safe house." Kikyo drove away from the house.

"Wasn't your parents in the army?"

"Not exactly, my dad went through the training as a soldier and my mom trained as a nurse." Kikyo was slowly starting to speed up as they talked.

"How far away are they?"

"They are about 15 minutes away." Mia look at the houses as they quickly went past, then she looked at the speedometer.

"Are you sure?" Kikyo looked as well. She was going 76 and increasing. Kikyo laughed.

"Give or take 5 minutes." Kikyo thought for a moment. "I should call them so they know I'm coming."

Kikyo dialed her parents on her cell. The phone rang for a while then went to voice mail.

"That's strange, nobody answered."

"Maybe then went to find supplies."

"But they would never leave the house unguarded." Kikyo put her foot down on the gas.

"Do you think they are under attack?" Kikyo nodded. They reached the house in about 8 minutes.

Kikyo handed Mia her K5. They both stepped out of the car. Kikyo went first hold the M16. Before they got to the door a crack of a shotgun could be heard as a Genome went flying out of the upstairs window. They looked at each other and ran to the front door.
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globepb Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice one. It's sad that they have to kill their relatives.
TheDuality Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
everything can't go their way XD
globepb Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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